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Team Coaching

"Interdependence is a higher value than independence."

-Stephen R. Covey

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

1:1 value prop

What types of teams do you work with?
A non-exhaustive list

  • Small businesses

  • Law firms - of all sizes, from brand new firms to Am Law 100 firms

  • Institutions of higher learning - law schools, business schools, colleges, etc.

  • Conference groups - CLE programs, educational conferences, retreats, etc.

  • Private coaching groups - ​I love collaborating with other professional coaches who share in the mission to empower others.  If you are seeking a guest coach certified in the CliftonStrengths assessment, this suite of offerings is available for your preexisting private coaching group(s).

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Can we start with the “Bottom Line”?
Four coaching objectives to rise together.

As a GALLUP Certified Strengths Coach I work with teams to RISE to the challenge of meeting four key objectives to build your people (i.e. performance and well-being), your profit, and your big-picture vision for success:


  • Retain talent – develop a good team into a great one that is engaged and efficient

  • Inspire leadership – increase management and leadership competencies

  • Succeed in community – create a company culture that celebrates and harnesses the diversity of its members to succeed as an inclusive community

  • Elevate client service – excel in client-centered service and bolster the bottom line for everyone

What Insights and Actionable Strategies can my team expect to learn?
The CliftonStrengths Assessment

What you measure you can leverage. Each BloomRise CliftonStrengths coaching workshop begins with the CliftonStrengths Assessment (formerly, “StrengthsFinder”), a 30-minute assessment that measures talents associated with success – natural patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving ranked in order of dominance. An individual’s top-ranked talents represent the highest-return areas for investment and growth. 


According to GALLUP research: “Employees who know and use their strengths are six times as likely to be engaged at work, nearly 8% more productive in their role,” resulting in up to 29% increased profits and 72% lower turnover in high-turnover organizations.

Practical insights from the assessment include:


  • common language to discuss individual competencies and team dynamics,

  • clarity about the diversity of abilities and workstyles among your team members,

  • strategies to increase effectiveness and efficiency, and

  • inspired action steps to define expectations and goals.


Each coaching workshop ends with renewed clarity on individual talents and group dynamics plus inspired action steps toward the team’s next level of success and impact.

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what are Team Transformation Sessions: the BloomRise “Pods”?
​Pods are community-building coaching sessions designed to spark success.

Pods are designed to transform teams through a 3-step process:

1. Awareness: uncover “Brilliance Blindspots” to gain renewed clarity about team talents

Understand CliftonStrengths to shift from low-return weakness fixing to high-return talent investment.

2. Appreciation: learn to communicate team members’ unique brilliance to build confidence

Authentically communicate who you are, what you want, and what you need to succeed.

3. Application: act courageously to get results

Harness team talents to achieve authentic success which is the product of clarity about what makes you unique, confidence in what you want, plus the courage to act on it.

Each BloomRise Pod includes:

  • a group session over 1.5 to 3 hours including a presentation and interactive exercises,

  • the CliftonStrengths assessment and either the Top 5 Report or 34 Report (depending on which Pod your team chooses) for each participant,

  • custom team analytics that map talent dynamics across the group, and

  • custom analytics for each participant that elaborate on talents and motivations (for small groups only).

which BloomRise pod is right for my team?
Choose between small team transformation sessions or a large group presentation.

Team Transformation Sessions (small groups):

  • Signature Pod: 3-hour, retreat-style custom session for small groups of 3-12 participants

    • Investment: priced per participant

    • Bonus: a one-hour, one-on-one leadership coaching session for team leader

  • Essentials Pod: 1.5 to 2-hour custom session for groups of 13-20 participants


Speaking Engagement (large groups):


  • Large Group Presentation: 1.5-hour presentation for large groups of up to 60 participant


Individual Coaching Custom Bundles:


  • Add-on Individual Coaching Package: a custom-created bundle of additional coaching sessions for Pod participants

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Ready to connect?
I am delighted by the prospect of working with your team !

I look forward to connecting for a virtual conversation to learn more about your team and your goals, and to answer any questions you may have.


Most of all, I look forward to crafting a memorable coaching experience that will benefit your team and big-picture vision for success.


If you're ready to invest in your team's success and inquire about pricing scroll down to schedule a discovery call.


To read more about the practical takeaways teams have gained from these sessions see the testimonials.

If you're looking for information about one-on-one coaching click here.

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