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Megan Whiteside

Trial Lawyer and Host, Mom Life and Law Podcast

Washington, DC

I was fortunate enough to participate in a BloomRise pod with women in my business coaching group. As a group of lawyers, entrepreneurial business owners, and coaches, we had already committed months to personal and professional development before we had our BloomRise pod experience. Even though we had each done extensive self-improvement work, Vanessa's strengths coaching provided each of us with truly helpful insight into our unique combination of strengths.  I left my pod experience with a sense of personal admiration that I had not experienced in a long time. Vanessa gave me language to describe myself that resonated as true but that I had never fully articulated for myself before. She helped me to see that I have a unique combination of talents to foster and strategically use in the future of my career. I left our pod with helpful resources, with a sense of empowerment and excitement for the future of my career, and a newfound confidence in my unique abilities.  

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Mia Lamotte

Brand Strategist and Transformation Coach

Raleigh, North Carolina

Working with Vanessa is delightful; there is a lot of light energy that comes from working with her.  I worked with another coach who utilized the Strengths Assessment but initially pushed it aside thinking it was BS!  I became interested in bringing the Strengths Assessment to my clients and wanted to know more.  Vanessa showed me how interpreting the results was actually much deeper than I thought and how the way I had interpreted my assessment results on my own was not entirely accurate.  It was amazing.  By the time Vanessa presented to my clients, I had a better understanding of myself and my own zone of genius and am now better able to understand my clients' strengths.  My "aha" moment was that I could double down on my strengths instead of trying to be all things to everyone.  That, to me, is one of the most practical results that anyone could ever get in their lives.  I highly recommend Vanessa's services because until you know yourself well, it's going to be really hard to establish a brand.

Client Testimonials

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Jessica Schneider

Director, Detention Program, Americans for Immigrant Justice

Miami Beach, FL

As a working professional I was often taught to focus on my weaknesses in an effort to engage in professional development and self-improvement. The problem with this model is that I was ignoring my strengths and all of the amazing things that I intuitively do well. Working with BloomRise really showed me how much I was undervaluing my strengths. Once I shifted my focus to what I was doing well and how to cultivate my natural gifts and talents, everything suddenly felt much easier and lighter, as if I was going with the grain instead of against it. What you put your attention towards grows so focusing on my strengths was a powerful paradigm shift in both my professional and personal life.

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Marseille, France

As a foreign criminal defense attorney trying to move back to the US, I decided to work with Vanessa to understand better how to use my story and background to achieve my dreams. Having a lot of insecurities coming from my "different" or "atypical" background, the work with Vanessa made me realize that is precisely where lie my greatest strengths. From the way I express myself (whether it's my words or my body language) to the way I think and analyze situations, every parcel of it has value because this is an authentic version of my personality coming to life. From that, I feel there are tremendous possibilities of growing in my professional career while using my difference. Although this realization is huge, Vanessa makes it come to you in such a natural and almost effortless way!


Leah O.

Singer and Actor

New York, NY

I met Vanessa at a time when my world had been turned upside down by COVID.  I was struggling to find clarity on how to pivot in a career that had seen my professional opportunities evaporate overnight.  Talking with Vanessa helped me focus my attention back on me and my core desires.  She didn't just listen, she listened to understand.  She asked the exact right questions to help me gain clarity to move forward in my life in a way that felt authentic to me and was in keeping with my gifts, talents, and desires.