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1:1 Coaching

"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tightly closed in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom.

This is the element of freedom."

-Alicia Keys (adapted from Anais Nin)

1:1 value prop

you're meant to Bloom brightly.
And when you do you will illuminate the path for others, too.

You tend to want things that you are equipped to achieve, whether you consciously realize it or not. 

So stop dimming your light to fit into places where you don't belong, and start harnessing your unique brand of brilliance. You've got big things to do.

If you're stuck at a professional crossroads feeling: 

  • under-valued,

  • unmotivated,

  • overwhelmed by the hustle, and

  • unsure about how to embark on your next big thing (or what that even is),

I'll empower you to:

  • gain clarity about what you really want,

  • build confidence in what you're capable of, and

  • support you in taking life-transforming, courageous action to align your work with your authentic desires and potential. 


You don't have to figure it all out on your own and your success isn't yours alone either.

Becoming your best self blazes the trail for others. It makes you a better leader, entrepreneur, boss, colleague, partner, and/or parent. It makes you a force for change, for good, and for a more beautiful world.


The world needs you -- the real you to show up.



when you Bloom we all Rise.

Going for what you really want isn't crazy.
Settling for what is making you sad and sick is crazy.

Let's unpack the problem.


You know you're meant for more than this.  You're feeling stuck and even a bit resentful.

You've attained a measure of professional success -- you have a respectable career, but you’re feeling disconnected from who you are and what you really want next.

Maybe you've been putting off making a change or going after something you've wanted for a long time.


You've got big dreams for success and impact but now that you're ready to take action you don't see the what and the how clearly yet.

Usually an energetic, high-achiever you're alarmed to realize how unmotivated you are by your current situation. It zaps all your energy and creativity.  You're sick and tired (perhaps literally) of the endless hustle.


You've lost your confidence and you might have even lost your way.

You don't want to disappoint and you want to be liked, but the price is invisibility.  


Your potential is hiding in plain sight, buried under responsibilities and “shoulds.”

You're weary of trying to belong in places where you don't fit -- where you aren't fully valued and where your talents aren't fully expressed.

The truth is you've always been a bit unconventional and you like that about yourself.


But you wonder if it's possible to succeed by being yourself.

You can.

"Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

(Rob Siltanen; popularized by Steve Jobs)


So how do you get unstuck and start making progress toward authentic goals?

Image by Kyaw Tun

Take action to become who you've always wanted to be.
Bet on yourself. 
Your success is generous.

Your ticket to freedom is harnessing your natural strengths to really go for your next big thing. 

Authenticity is an asset.  I'll help you get clear on what that means for you.

Below are some examples of real client success stories. When you are no longer afraid of your own light you can find peace in the process of building authentic success. You, too, can:

  • launch a business,

  • start a law firm,

  • pivot from law firm practice into an in-house or JD-preferred role,

  • leave a job that's making you miserable so you can recover from burnout,

  • apply for a new job and nail the interview,

  • write a book,

  • become a location independent entrepreneur,

  • hire a team,

  • pursue creative writing,

  • ...and more is possible for you.


That's what I'm here for -- to help you be present with the possibilities all around you.

You're so much more valuable than you may give yourself credit for.

Make no mistake, you were designed to bloom.

Even the smallest seed expands into a brilliant flower, but you have to be able to see possibility to plant it. 

When you learn to see yourself clearly your path becomes clear.
Your brilliance can be your blindspot or it' can be your guiding light.

My coaching process is designed to help you gain clarity and generate real change around something big you've been meaning to do for a while.

Oftentimes you're too close to yourself to see your situation and possibilities clearly on your own. Your natural brilliance seems unremarkable to you.


That's why connecting with a coach is so valuable. Before I dive into the details about what coaching entails, know that I love my clients --


I love going above and beyond for you, offering you a compassionate space to sort out what's on your mind and heart, and drawing out your best in a non-judgmental and uncompromising way. I consider it a privilege to witness your story and your transformation.

Image by David Travis

I see you.
Here is how it works.

Your customized coaching journey begins with the CliftonStrengths Assessment (formerly Clifton StrengthsFinder), which measures your natural talents. The purpose of using this tool is to help you identify and maximize your unique strengths (the way you are naturally “wired” to think, feel, and behave) so you can own your worth and set and achieve authentic goals.  


To accomplish this, three main steps set the cadence for the coaching process:


1. Awareness – gain CLARITY
We begin by uncovering your “Brilliance Blindspots” to gain clarity about what makes you unique.

2. Appreciation – build CONFIDENCE
Confidence comes from being able to clearly articulate who you are, what you want, and what you need to succeed.

3. Application – act with COURAGE
This final step is about moving from insight to courageous action – deploying your brilliance to get the results you seek. Authentic success is the product of clarity about what makes you unique, confidence in what you want, plus the courage to act on it.

The end result is renewed clarity plus inspired action steps toward your next level of success and impact. 

Each coaching experience is custom-tailored. I'll work with you to chart a course that is driven by your most important goals.

Let's do this.
Here are all the details.

Your coaching package includes:

  • Six (6) coaching sessions: our first session is 90-minutes and the following five (5) sessions are each 60 minutes. A regular weekly or bi-weekly schedule over six to twelve consecutive weeks is recommended. (This package is renewable if you would like to extend our time together.)

  • Custom strengths analytics that further explain your unique talent profile.

If you're ready to invest in your growth and inquire about pricing scroll down to schedule a discovery call.  I'd love to help you find clarity about what's next in this season of your life and career.


To read more about why past clients have called coaching with me "life-changing" and "transformative" see the testimonials.

If you're looking for information about team coaching click here.

Image by Andriyko Podilnyk
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