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Blossom 1:1 Coaching Package

Four coaching sessions to propel you into inspired action

  • 4 hours
  • $1250
  • Online

Service Description

Individualized coaching will support your next steps toward achieving your desired goals.  Develop a deeper appreciation of your strengths to generate the clarity, confidence, and courage you need to take authentic action toward a big goal (pivot your career, ask for what you need to attain greater success and well-being in your current situation, finally start that business venture, etc).  You will come away with actionable strategies to propel you into inspired action toward your next level of success and impact. I will create a customized coaching experience for you driven by your most important goals, but three main steps set the cadence for the coaching process: 1. Awareness: uncover “Brilliance Blindspots” to gain clarity. Understand CliftonStrengths to shift from low-return weakness fixing to high-return talent investment. 2. Appreciation: communicate your brilliance to build confidence. Authentically articulate who you are, what you want, and what you need to succeed. 3. Application: deploy your brilliance to take courageous action and get results. Harness talents to achieve authentic success which is the product of clarity about what makes you unique, confidence in what you want, plus the courage to act on it. This coaching package includes four, one-hour sessions. A regular weekly or bi-weekly schedule over four to eight consecutive weeks is recommended. We will work together to decide on a plan that best fits your schedule and objectives. This package is renewable if you would like to extend our work together. The CliftonStrengths Assessment and 34 Report is included in all packages.  Additionally, you will receive personalized reports that further explain your talent profile and elaborate on how your unique combination of talents drives your motivations and contributions.

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