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Inspire Success with CliftonStrengths
For Individuals and Groups

Retain talent,
Inspire leadership,
Succeed as a community, 
Elevate client service
For Law Firms, Businesses, and Teams

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Included in all packages

  • The CliftonStrengths Assessment and report (click here to learn about how the assessment works)

  • Custom analytics that further explain your talent profile and elaborate on how your talents drive motivation  

  • BloomRise Pod participants receive a custom team chart that maps the talent dynamics and trends across the group

BloomRise Pods:

I create custom-tailored workshops that build community among a group and is driven by your most important objectives.  The main goal of strengths coaching is to help you grow and thrive by maximizing your unique talents (the way you are naturally “wired” to think, feel, and behave), owning your worth, and setting and achieving authentic goals.


Three main steps set the cadence for this coaching process:


1.  Awareness: uncover “Brilliance Blindspots” to gain clarity

Understand CliftonStrengths to shift from low-return weakness fixing to high-return talent investment.

2.  Appreciation: communicate “Brilliance Blueprints” to build confidence
Authentically articulate who you are, what you want, and what you need to succeed.

3. Application: deploy your brilliance to take courageous action and get results

Harness talents to achieve authentic success which is the product of clarity about what makes you unique, confidence in what you want, plus the courage to act on it.

Here's how you can participate in a BloomRise Pod:

  • Individuals: Join a specially curated Pod of like-minded professionals over an intensive half-day coaching workshop (3 hours) to develop the clarity, confidence, and courage you need to set and achieve authentic goals. Book a discovery call or join the mailing list to find out when the next Pod will be open for enrollment.


  • Law Firms, Businesses, and Teams: Reserve a specially curated, private Pod for you and your colleagues (2-3 hours) to RISE (Retain talent, Inspire leadership, Succeed as a community, and Elevate client service) using actionable CliftonStrengths insights.  A formal proposal is available upon request.

  • Private Coaching Groups: I enjoy collaborating with other professional coaches who share in the mission to empower others. Coaches, if you are seeking a guest coach certified in the CliftonStrengths assessment please inquire about the suite of group offerings, including Pods, that are specifically designed for your preexisting private coaching group(s). The CliftonStrengths assessment and a one-hour individual strengths coaching session is complimentary for you when you book a package for your coaching group.


Overall, the BloomRise Pod group coaching workshops are designed to reflect the essential fact that we work and develop in relationship to others -- our colleagues, clients, and community.  The process of appreciating your unique talents is enhanced by the participation of others discovering theirs alongside you and illuminating insights you may not have realized on your own.  Moreover, true success is built on the foundational principle that "interdependence is a higher value than independence" (one of my favorite takeaways from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey).  

Blossom Individual Coaching Package 

Individualized coaching and accountability will support your next steps and increase the likelihood of achieving your desired goals.  Through this package of four individual coaching sessions over 30-60 days (renewable for extended coaching support) develop a deeper appreciation of your CliftonStrengths to generate the clarity, confidence, and courage you need to take authentic action toward a big goal (pivot your career, ask for what you need to attain greater success and well-being in your current situation, finally start that business venture, etc).  You will come away with actionable strategies to propel you into inspired action toward your next level of success and impact. 

Full Bloom Program:

This premium program bundles the best of both the group and individual coaching modalities described above.  Start your coaching journey in a community of like-minded professionals with the signature BloomRise Pod experience.  Follow this with personalized attention over four individual coaching sessions.  Book a discovery call or join the mailing list to find out when the next Full Bloom Program will be offered.




FAQ - Why I primarily use the CliftonStrengths 34 Report:

While all clients take the same CliftonStrengths Assessment, there are two report options to view results.  The Top 5 Report defines only your top 5 talent themes, while the 34 Report provides an in-depth analysis of your full sequence of 34 talent themes organized in order of dominance.  (Click here to compare.)  

The 34 Report has much more depth of analysis and reveals additional top talent themes that may be the game-changing insights you seek.  As an example from my own experience, while my Top 5 CliftonStrengths are undoubtedly insightful (read more on the "About Me" page) my #6 talent theme, Connectedness, has played a key role in elevating my success.  It means that, at my best, I perceive connections and opportunities in things that seem like coincidences and am constantly aware of how individual actions can have a larger impact.  Leaning into this strength informs my community-based approach, brings confidence in the face of uncertainty when launching new ventures, enables me to approach new clients as if we have always been connected, and defines my big picture "why"-- empowering individuals creates a ripple effect that impacts our global community.

My goal is to help you discover success-defining insights like this!


Contact me below to book 

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